The Cow Guy Daily Report

Updated Daily @ 6:30am CDT

Wake up to the power of Moo.

Our flagship product “The Cow Guy Daily” gives subscribers a clear, common sense global macro overview of the most actively followed commodity futures markets including Agricultural Grain Futures, Livestock Futures, as well as Bitcoin Futures.

For long term analysis; graphically view closing prices vs the last 52 weeks, daily open interest, and days to expiration all designed to view the markets in a more profitable, unorthodox way.

For short term market analysis; again we graphically depict change over the past 5 days with that day’s trading volume and include a commodity sector heat map to show quickly where the most recent significant price movements can be found.

The Utterly Technical Report

Updated Daily @ 6:00am CDT

Our daily Utterly Technical report will apprise you of the largest 5-day % movers at a graphic glance including pertinent technical information all designed to help you to identify potential markets that could be about to make a significant move.

The Weekly Insight Report

Updated Every Wednesday @ 9:00am CDT

Scott’s personality has landed him countless national and international television news spots as well as numerous speaking engagements. His ability to break down the complex financial world into bite sized morsels has them ‘coming back for more’. He can frequently be heard saying ‘that he explains things like he would want things explained to him’.