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Wake up to the power of Moo.

Our flagship product “The Cow Guy Daily” gives subscribers a clear, common sense global macro overview of the most actively followed commodity futures markets including Agricultural Grain Futures, Livestock Futures, as well as Bitcoin Futures.

For long term analysis; graphically view closing prices vs the last 52 weeks, daily open interest, and days to expiration all designed to view the markets in a more profitable, unorthodox way.

For short term market analysis; again we graphically depict change over the past 5 days with that day’s trading volume and include a commodity sector heat map to show quickly where the most recent significant price movements can be found.



The Cow Guy Daily report is updated every morning at 6:00 pm eastern time.

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Co-founded in 2016 by television personality Scott Shellady, the “Cow Guy”. Windy City Trader is a Chicago-based newsletter and information company boasting over 40 years of Real-world trading experience. Our goal has been to deliver material that help people make better educated and informed trading decisions.


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